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"Stromae is a very famous artist known for songs as Alors on Dance and Formidable. Back in 2014 he started (next to his main label MOZART) a label for a second line of artists called VANGARDE. Lavito was honoured to produce for this label and create the instrumentals for its upcoming artists and the Belgian movie BLACK."

In 2019, Lavito joined Icy Records. This is a producers collective created by fellow producer and friend @IcyOnDaTrack and households 8 producers from all over the world working on the finest trap beats and hiphop instrumentals every day. Feel free to contact us via the instagram page @IcyRecords_

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Lavito and his unique collaborations always seem to make a significant impression. In January 2019, Lavito visited New York and worked with the people of the infamous Empire label. They household artists like Kendrick Lamar, Tyga and many more. Together with the upcoming talent BigBossMulaa, Lavito had a blast making the sauciest tracks ever created.


Many companies use hip hop beats and trap instrumentals to guide their commercials. In this case, Lavito created the background music for a IT commercial hosted by one of the greatest CRM companies in Belgium, Teamleader.



Since 2018, Lavito produces the piano sounds and film music for the KAISER CAT CINEMA group. In less than a year, this independant althistory film creator gained more than 25000 subscribers on YouTube. The historical images and great character interactions take you back to the periode of WW2 and the Sovjet Union.